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Getting out of a subscription based contract

  • 1.  Getting out of a subscription based contract

    Posted 08-03-2023 15:19
    Edited by Nick Hamilton 08-03-2023 15:32

    I was hoping to learn if anyone has had experience on getting out of a contract with Macropoint? I made the mistake of signing a three year contract with them in June of 2022. Unfortunately business is not currently as strong as it was at that time and I am trying to eliminate as much overhead as I can. I asked Macropoint if they would be willing to either put a pause on my contract or if I could do a buyout based 3 months of my subscription rate and they refuse. The only option they are giving me is to buyout the contract in full. I have put a stop pay on their automatic payments but am unsure where to go from here.

    Nick Hamilton
    Search2Transport LLC
    Sandusky OH