Ashley McMillan

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As a passionate advocate for advancing the success of freight brokers and 3PLs, I specialize in empowering these businesses to establish unparalleled visibility for their clients through cutting-edge load tracking solutions at Trucker Tools.

My decade long journey in the freight industry has been multifaceted. Having served as a freight broker for many years and actually using the Trucker Tools platform myself as a rep, gives me a really unique perspective. I understand the intricate needs and challenges of freight brokerages, enabling me to offer strategies that significantly impact their bottom line.

At Trucker Tools, I'm on a mission to revolutionize the way brokerages operate. By harnessing our platform's capabilities, I help freight intermediaries in not only closing more deals but also foster strong client relationships. My strategy extends beyond only load tracking. It encompasses a holistic approach geared towards minimizing check calls, enhancing operational efficiency, and, a revolutionary digital freight matching software that reshapes the industry landscape.

I firmly believe that success in this industry is more than just transactions - it's about cultivating lasting partnerships and driving sustained growth. Curious about how our solutions can elevate your brokerage? Let's connect and schedule a demo today!